Kitchen Renovation Greenwood Village

Kitchen Renovation Greenwood Village

The kitchen is the heart of the house. This room must be designed accordingly to your lifestyle, your family and your particular tastes. It is the most personalized room in your home. Whether you are looking for an open or closed kitchen, traditional or contemporary, practical or refined, Kitchen Renovation Greenwood Village can meet all your desires in terms of kitchen renovation.

An enjoyable kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can be a very interesting experience, as long as we are well prepared. Hence the importances of choosing a company that have a good experience in kitchen renovations. The project must be done quickly and requires the coordination of several workers. For this type of project it is sometimes necessary to move walls, sometimes bearing walls, to move plumbing, to change the electrical system, to review the lighting and to redo the floor finishes. We are able to advise the consumer and to make the most out of the possibilities offered by the house.

It is hard to imagine that this ultra-modern kitchen was built in a 1930s cottage. This kitchen renovation is part of the complete cottage makeover we did.

A multifunctional open space

The de-compartmentalization of the first floor has created a large multifunctional open room that opens onto the backyard through an oversized patio door that provides a nice view, ventilation and plenty of natural light. With all this free space, homeowners now feel comfortable inviting their families and friends home.

This kitchen renovation was realized for the new owners of a duplex in the Petite Patrie neighborhood. Its design is a happy marriage of noble and industrial materials. Stainless steel combines with countertop marble, enameled white tile backsplash and painted wood cabinets to create a bright and practical environment. Drawers have been installed under the island for easy access.

Removing a bearing wall

A section of the bearing wall was replaced by a beam and laminated timber columns with steel hardware. Everything has been left apparent to harmonize with the new kitchen. Our team was able to accomplish all the kitchen renovation work between the acquisition of the duplex and the arrival of the new owners and their children into their residence.

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