Bathroom Renovation Boulder

Bathroom Renovation Boulder

At Bathroom Renovation Boulder, we specialize in bathroom renovations, expansions and bathroom additions as well.

Our team will work directly with you to design and craft a bathroom that will satisfy your demands and exceed your expectations. 

That is what has made us truly one of Boulder’s most trusted and established bathroom remodeling teams. Updating your bathroom can add lasting value to your home. Local homeowners can turn to Bathroom Renovation Boulder for bathroom remodeling in Boulder’s.


Your tastes and the day’s styles are always evolving. We can work with you to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel that can help redefine your entire home.  Perhaps you seek a more efficient layout, a modernized style or a fresh new vibe. We can bring our expertise and affordability to any bathroom renovation needs.


Have you found that your bathroom isn’t as accommodating as you desire? You can easily and affordable turn your cramped bathroom into a more enjoyable setting. Imagine turning that old shower/tub into a luxury freestanding tub and walk-in shower, accentuated with stone tiles.  Make your bathroom meet your wishes with Bathroom Renovation Boulder.


As your life changes, so do your needs.  Whether it’s because you have a growing family or you need the convenience of a first-floor bathroom, we can build you the ideal setting from scratch. Whether it’s building on or rerouting plumbing to utilize an existing space, Bathroom Renovation Boulder is the answer.


Whether it’s converting a quaint powder room into a more practical bathroom or to simply update an existing bathroom, you may not require a complete renovation. Our team will work with you to convert or modernize your space with new plumbing, light fixtures, tiling, sinks, whatever you need.

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